During my childhood I was sexually and emotionally abused by family members.

When I was 20, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, to which I was sectioned six or seven times during my 20s, until now. From my 20s onwards, I have also had flashbacks until three years ago.

Through my GP I was able to obtain information about Support for Survivors and approached them out of desperation, hoping they could support me and put to rest the demons of my childhood abuse.

From my first meeting I was put at ease and knew I’d come to the right place. I’d been with the charity for around two years before being given the opportunity to become a support worker.

I’m currently in training and am so grateful to the charity for giving me a new purpose in life.

My past will always be there, but I’m not just existing anymore – I’m thriving and know that my colleagues have faith in my ability and, together with their support, can face whatever life throws my way.

I’m truly grateful and look forward to my future.